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Easy Jotform Has More Than 20 Years of Experience Building Forms

Past clients include the IRS, GE Healthcare, and many more

person holding pencil near laptop computer
person holding pencil near laptop computer

Jotform is the most user-friendly form builder with drag-and-drop functionality, imports existing forms from other systems, with over 10,000 industry-specific templates, advanced styling, and the most integrations (over 400 for CRM, email marketing, cloud storage, payment processing–including integration Salesforce, Mailchimp, and PayPal). It also offers the best free apps for mobile and workflow automation, e-signatures, tables, and PDF. Plus, it has the industry’s best 24/7 enterprise-level support.

Why Jotform?

Workflow Optimization

With its no-code architecture, Jotform allows the creation of sophisticated form workflows without JavaScript or Java developers.

Business analysts, HR specialists, health care administrators, public servants, claim processors, and others can easily use Jotform’s drag and drop interface to build workflows with multiple levels of approvals.

Best of all, these powerful workflow features are included in Jetform’s affordable licensing. There is no need to buy expensive Adobe or Microsoft licenses that confine you to a proprietary ecosystem.

Jotform is cross-platform and works on your mobile device. You can even wrap a group of forms into an application for users who need multiple forms.

While PDF forms are great to get away from paper, the technology has become outdated and hard to manage. With Jotform you get the latest HTML and CSS code, plus workflows, plus PDF output if you need it.

"Jotform Enterprise has given us the ability to collect payments across the department, which was a huge thing for us. The university as a whole didn’t have a solution for that . . . it has saved us tons of money and time."
Torri McCray, Business Systems Analyst
University of Michigan

Happy Customers

"Jotform Enterprise helped us expand our capacity to serve large-scale employers and government agencies,” says David Kinzler, CEO of One to One Health. Now the organization uses it for new patient registrations, blood pressure logs, behavioral health surveys, medical refills, pre-consults, enrollment forms, and notices of privacy practices.

“Healthcare paperwork can be annoying,” says Kinzler. “With Jotform Enterprise, we’ve made it as simple as possible for people to sign paperwork at the doctor’s office and for us to track it.”

Carl Young, Agile Vision Solutions Principal